treatments for piles in jaipur

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Not uncommon thing to suffer from piles. More than half of men and women above 50 years of age suffer from piles. And around 80% will suffer from this at least once in their lifetime. Actually hemorrhoids are normal cushions of tissue inside your anal canal, and they function to support the muscles to provide that delicate control of continence.


What are the types of Piles

treatments for piles in jaipur

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The Piles can be internal (inside) or external (out side).

External piles

External piles cause swelling outside the and verge (opening) so they are visible.

Internal Piles

Internal Piles are inside and canal and they cause lot of bleeding discomfort and pain sometimes.

What are the stages of Piles

With advancing age, the piles grow big and their stage progresses, especially if the lifestyle is unhealthy.
Or if it runs genetically in your family.

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The symptoms of piles depend on the stage

    There is no pain, no swelling, only bright red bleeding after passing motion.
    On examination the anus is normal appearing, but only with a special scopy that we do in our facility in jyoti hospital,we can detect grade 1 piles.
    As the piles are getting bigger, the person will experience heaviness on long sitting, with more frequent episodes of bleedings. There is only mild swelling at anus in stage 2 piles. On scopy they are visible.
    The piles start coming out with motion, and sometimes there is a need to push them back inside anal canal.
    The bleedings become heavier and lot of discomfort happens on sitting long.
    The last stage of piles is stage 4, when they come out and stay out, they don’t go back in. obviously one can’t sit or stand, and pain will start happening as the piles start getting infected.
    One should not delay the treatment to reach this stage.


Each patient differs from another, in symptoms, in findings. So the treatment varies and it is designed as per the patient needs and well being.
Our department of proctology has a skilled and dedicated team of doctors, dietician, pelvic floor physiotherapist and the paramedics, who are trained in taking fine care of the piles patient. Our facility has the most advanced and the best treatments available. It is the trust of people that we have patients coming in from not only pan India, but also from middle east and even Europe.


The early stage of piles can be treated with medicines and lifestyle modifications. we have a unique formulation of a combined

  • Medicinal
  • Ayurveda and
  • Customized dietary regime and
  • Physiotherapy

(designed separate for each patient of early piles.)
There is also a unique oil therapy given to patients. The oil is given through a small tube inside the anal canal. it is a mixture of different medicated oils. The oil therapy soothes the anal itching, burning symptoms. It is also very good for constipation patients.
If the therapy is taken as advised, it prevents the recurrence of piles and also delays the symptoms.

II. Advanced Stage Piles

1. Physiotherapy/BIOFEEDBACK

  • The physiotherapy is advised and biofeedback sessions are given by a trained pelvic floor physiotherapists.
  • Biofeedback is given by an exclusive U.K manufactured manometric machine,
  • It improves the muscle tone around the anal canal, and helps in decreasing the spasm of muscles in patients of fissure. {cut in anal canal}.
  • The number of sessions are designed as per patient condition of piles.
treatments for piles in jaipur

2. Surgical Treatment for Piles

Stapler Surgery

  • The advanced stages are the stages 3 and 4. there is lot of discomfort in these stages.
  • Our department of proctology offers the most advanced and painless treatments available.
  • Besides flaunting the latest gadgets, for cure, the doctors stay in touch with the latest advancements, in providing the treatments to patients.
  • The treatments offered are the painless and daycare procedures. One of such procedure is stapler surgery.
  • The stapler is a sophisticated machine which removes all the prolapsed extra tissue and fixes the prolapse of piles.
  • An American made, this machine requires a special training to operate.
  • At jyoti hospital we have a trained team of doctors who perform this procedure with utmost expertise to give the best possible result in case specific.
    • the staplerprocedure takes 30 to 40 minutes
    • done under regional anaesthesia,the patients are started oral diet in a span of 3 hours.
  • The recovery being relatively early we usually discharge the patients in 24 hours.
treatments for piles in jaipur
treatments for piles in jaipur
treatments for piles in jaipur

Before Surgery

treatments for piles in jaipur

After Surgery

Post-operative Care

1.) You can expect rectal and anal pain after having hemorrhoid surgery. Your doctor will probably prescribe a painkiller to ease the discomfort.

2.) You can aid in your own recovery by:

  • Eating a high-fiber diet
  • Staying hydrated by drinking eight to 10 glasses of water per day
  • Using a stool softener so you won’t have to strain during bowel movements
  • Avoid any activities that involve heavy lifting or pulling.

3.) We adviced stiz bath to the patient in which patient need to sit in worm water with some Betadine solution about 10-15 minutes for keep the part hygynie.this will also help in ease post surgical discomfort.

4.) Although individual recovery times vary, many people can expect to make a full recovery within about 10 to 14 days.

When you follow up with your doctor, they’ll probably recommend:


Hemorrhoids are a taboo topic, people do not talk about hemorrhoids. The piles are so unpleasant, causing itching, heaviness and uncomfortable bleeding. It is so much hurting the normal lifestyle of the sufferer. Embarrassed to talk about people keep on suffering from this problem and hesitate to consult doctors.

Introducing laser in proctology for piles NOW IN JYOTI HOSPITAL


Our proctology unit, offers now the latest cutting edge technology treatment for piles. The high end LASER from germany.!

treatments for piles in jaipur

Laser Sclerotherapy of Piles (LSH)

  • Is a TECHNIQUE requiring only a few hours of admission ,with no cuts involved.
  • It is painless,
  • The technique as it comes from Germany is the most advanced procedure available in Europe presently.
  • Showing good results it is fastly becoming the procedure of choice for piles.

Laser coagulation of piles LCH

  • Another technique LCH is meant for early grade of piles.
  • Not requiring any kind of anesthesia, this can be done as a office procedure. Meaning the patient can immediately walk home after the procedure.
  • It is painless and absolutely safe procedure for piles.


  • The post-op period is usually Uneventful, one can take showers from next day.
  • Some bleeding or discharge might happen occasionally,
  • No dressings are required.
  • There also can be mild heaviness or pressure feeling.
  • Jogging, swimming and cycling are possible after a week, but heavy weights are restricted for 3 weeks.